4 Must-See Natural Wonders in Outback Queensland

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4 Must-See Natural Wonders in Outback Queensland

Few destinations rival the natural beauty found in Queensland's backyard

Spanning a breathtaking 901,574 kmĀ², Queensland's outback is home to some of Earth's most captivating natural wonders. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, an avid adventurer or simply appreciate a magnificent view, these must-see destinations are essential additions to your outback itinerary!

#(1) Big Red, Birdsville

Soaring to an impressive height of 40 metres and located 35 km from Birdsville, Big Red reigns as the Simpson Desert's largest sand dune. It leads a mesmerising ensemble of 1,140 parallel dunes that define the desert's character. As the sun sets, don't miss the enchanting views from the top, where the dune's distinctive crimson hue adds a surreal touch to the experience. Whether you're a 4WD enthusiast or prefer guided tours, exploring this wonder promises an unforgettable adventure.

QAA Line (Simpson Desert Road), Birdsville QLD 4482
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#(2) Ancient Mud Springs, Eulo

Venture 9 km west of Eulo to discover the ancient Mud Springs, where nature's remarkable artistry takes centre stage. Forged over countless centuries by the underground pressure of the Great Artesian Basin, the springs unveil a hypnotic spectacle where water emerges as a swirl of milky grey mud. You've got to see it to beleive it - making this geological marvel an essential addition to your bucket list.  

Adventure Way, Eulo QLD 4491
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#(3) Baldy Top Lookout, Quilpie

Ascend to new heights at Baldy Top Lookout, a mere 7.4 km from Quilpie, and witness the epitome of scenic beauty. Part of the Grey Range, Baldy Top stands proudly as one of South West Queensland's highest points. The ascent to the summit is a relatively easy 10-minute scramble and the panoramic views are well worth the effort. The lookout also provides picnic tables and barbecue facilities, in what can only be described as the most picturesque spot in the Outback to enjoy your tucker.

Dowling Track, Quilpie QLD 4480
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#(4) Native Wells, Windorah

Embark on a journey 90 km west of Windorah to discover the Native Wells. Used by Aboriginal people for centuries, these ancient wells come to life during the wet season, offering filtered water for people and animals. A display board on-site outlines the rich cultural history of the wells, providing an opportunity to learn its fascinating stories and heritage.

Maryborough Street, Windorah QLD 4481
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Images courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland.