Windorah Nature Drive

Explore the unique natural beauty of Barcoo Shire and learn about the native flora scattered throughout the region. The 12km unsealed track links Windorah with the Cooper’s Creek floodplain, and charts 45 different plants that grow in the region. Given the rains in early 2021, you’ll likely be in for a treat with lush landscapes and vibrant plant life expected.

Hit the road on an enthralling journey through Windorah’s Nature Drive and deepen your connection with the extraordinary landscapes of the local region.

Begin your adventure just outside Windorah, traversing the scenic route that culminates at the breathtaking Cooper’s Creek, or choose the reverse for a different perspective. In wet conditions, the black soil section of the Drive nearest the Creek can be skipped by following the alternate road after the grid.

Explore the diverse ecosystems of the Cooper’s Creek floodplain, unveiling coolibah woodland, alluvial herb land, lignum shrub land, gidgee open woodland, and spinifex grassland. The flat floodplain areas, often bare or sparsely vegetated, transform into a vibrant tapestry of life during floods, revealing a dense growth of plants as the waters recede.

The main channels boast the majestic River Red Gum, Coolibah, River Tea Tree, and wattles, which a myriad of wildlife species call home.