Tambo Heritage Precinct

The Outback Trail


Explore Tambo’s Heritage Precinct and uncover the tales of the oldest town in the west! 

Originally Tambo’s Post and Telegraph Offices, these heritage-listed buildings played a crucial role in the early telegraph system linking northern and southern Australia. These heritage listed buildings were moved by a bullock team in 1904 to make way for the new Post Office, today they showcase displays depicting Tambo’s history and lifestyle.

Relax and enjoy stories from locals about the town’s goats, telephone exchange, Qantas’s only plane crash and the old picture theatre on an interactive DVD display. The smaller building hosts Post and Telegraph artifacts, including an interactive Morse code display. You can experience the fascination of Morse code in action and even have a crack at hand at signaling.

The building is maintained by the volunteers at the Totally Tambo Heritage Group who’s friendly members will happily have a yarn about Tambo’s history. You can also purchase locally made arts and crafts at the center.