Chinchilla Big Melon

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No Southern Queensland escape is complete without snapping a pic at the Chinchilla Big Melon. The de-facto fruity mascot of the region, watermelon is seasonally found at farms and available for sale along roadsides across the Western Downs.

Discover the quirky charm of Chinchilla, Queensland, home to the iconic Big Melon—a colossal, fruit-shaped landmark that stands as a testament to the town’s agricultural heritage. Towering over the landscape, this oversized watermelon captures the imagination of visitors and locals alike. A symbol of Chinchilla’s vibrant larrikan spirit and dedication to farming excellence, the Big Melon invites you to explore and capture memorable moments in this delightful town. 

Join the fun, snap a photo, and embrace the playful atmosphere surrounding this unique roadside attraction. The Big Melon in Chinchilla is more than just a giant fruit; it’s a symbol of community pride and a must-see stop on your journey through Queensland’s charming countryside.