Bunya Mountains

A sacred site for First Nations people across Australia’s east coast, the Bunya Mountains are the largest forest of ancient Bunya pines in the world. Lose yourself in the natural beauty on a bushwalk, or embark on a birdwatching expedition, before enjoying the surprisingly extensive range at the Whiskey Bar atop the mountain.

Enjoy a breath of fresh air as you journey into the mesmerising realm of the Bunya Mountains – an expansive 11,700-hectare haven situated atop the Great Dividing Range. Poised at an elevation of approximately 1100m above sea level, this natural wonder rises from the fertile plains of the Western Downs and South Burnett.

The Bunya Mountains hold a timeless allure, drawing visitors for centuries, with rich narratives of Aboriginal communities converging to celebrate the bountiful harvest of the Bunya Nuts. Today, the mountains maintain their mystical charm, captivating a global audience with their abundant and diverse flora and fauna. Witness the elegant dance of red-necked wallabies on the rolling hills and revel in the surreal spectacle of crimson rosellas landing delicately into the palms of your hands.