Birdsville Hotel

The Outback Trail

Eat & Drink

You’ve made it this far; it would be a waste not to stop by the iconic Birdsville Hotel. While you’re there, enjoy one of the region’s specialties: The Green Lizard. The story goes that after extensive flooding and one of the hottest summers on record, Birdsville ran out of beer. So the locals resorted to mixing ‘Crème de Menthe’ and ‘Lemonade’ and a new tradition was born!

The Birdsville Hotel stands as a legendary outpost in the vast Australian outback. Steeped in history and bursting with character, this renowned establishment has been a beacon for travelers and adventurers for over a century.

As the sun dips below the endless horizon, the warm glow of the Birdsville Hotel beckons weary wanderers. Step inside to discover a haven where tales of outback exploits are etched into every plank, and the spirit of camaraderie thrives among locals and visitors alike.

Quench your thirst with a cold beverage at the historic Birdsville Pub bar, where the walls echo with the laughter of those who’ve traversed the red desert. Immerse yourself in the rich ambiance of the outback’s beating heart, where the Birdsville Hotel isn’t just a place to rest—it’s a living testament to the enduring spirit of the outback.