Betoota Serpent

One of three sculptures in the Diamantina Shire designed by members of the native Wangkangurru/ Yarluyandi tribe. A strong symbol in traditional creation stories, the Betoota Serpent also represents the network of streams and rivers that connects Diamantina Shire with Channel Country, and helps brings the region to life with seasonal rain.

Unravel the mystique of the Betoota Serpent, a legendary creature said to weave through the folklore of the Australian outback. Located in the vastness of the Queensland outback, Betoota whispers tales of this enigmatic serpent, believed by locals to be both guardian and mystery.

As the sun sets over the desolate landscapes, the Betoota Serpent’s mythical presence seems to awaken, entwining with the shadows and the secrets of the outback. While the serpent’s physical form remains elusive, its legend dances through the narratives of those who call this remote region home.