Yarrabah Brass Band


Until the 1950s, the community of Yarrabah in Far North Queensland was home to one of the best brass bands in the state. Yarrabah has a rich history of instrumental music with the first brass band being formed in 1901, which toured across the state taking the sounds of Yarrabah far and wide. That tradition was dormant for more than 40 years until Greg Fourmile, fifth generation descendant of the Yarrabah Brass Band, helped to bring the band back together in 2013 with support from Queensland Music Festival (QMF). The Band made their debut that same year at the Yarrabah Band Festival, which is now an annual event in the QMF calendar. Led by Greg Fourmile, the band consists of members of all ages from the Yarrabah community who perform together on a regular basis. In 2014, the band performed at the G20 Cultural Celebrations Tropical Jam concert at Fogarty Park and they continue to perform for various community celebrations.