Victor Steffensen


Inspired by his mother and grandmother’s heritage, the Tagalaka people of Northern Queensland, Victor’s work began in 1991 when he realised the urgent need to record the invaluable wisdom of his Elders before it was lost. Over many years, through his love of the arts, film making, culture and the environment, Victor’s life’s work of re-engaging Traditional Knowledge Practices through creative community projects developed.

Victor co-founded the Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation and has co-convened the National Indigenous Fire Workshop for the past decade. He has also founded the Living Knowledge Place, an educational platform based on community and Indigenous teaching methods.

Victor released a book in February 2020 – ‘Fire Country’ How Indigenous Fire Management Could Help Save Australia. Victor’s story is unassuming and honest, while demonstrating the incredibly sophisticated and complex cultural knowledge that has been passed down to him, which he wants to share with others and there is much evidence that, if adopted, it could greatly benefit all Australians.