Nice Biscuit


Nice Biscuit is a five-piece folk psych outfit formed in Brisbane in 2016. 

Playing to swooning crowds at packed-out venues and festivals, Australia and UK-wide — Nice Biscuit have more than once been praised for their live performance by fans and music tastemakers such as triple j, NME and Louder than War.

“Sprinkled with siren-like folky harmonies and wandering melodies carried by a psychedelic undercurrent – Nice Biscuit are the realest of deals.” – Lunchbox

Emerging from the first year of the pandemic, the band released their EP, “Create Simulate”, featuring new fan favourite singles “Fem Chem” and “Candle”. Their next release came a mere eight months later in the form of their six-and-a-half-minute single, “Passing Over”.

Experience the feeling of their shimmering sound at The Long Sunset.

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