Murrumu of Walubara


Murrumu of Walubara is a member of the Yidindji society.

Murrumu was appointed by Jangalan Yidindji, (the tribal council of elders) to bring attention to the international community Yidindji’s position and authority.

On the 4th day of January 2015 Murrumu was appointed by Jangalan Yidindji to direct Minjaani Wungarlji, and to act as the Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade.

His office oversees the relationship building with other tribal societies, their governments, and the Commonwealth of Australia.

Murrumu has an extensive background in communications and administration, he currently acts as Minister for Communications & broadband; and Minister for Renewable Energy; Minister for Financial Technology, as well.

His interests include reading, writing and he is an avid supporter of the Liverpool football club of the English Premier League.

Murrumu is also an imperfect follower of Jesus Christ.