Kate Ceberano


Icon. Legend. Phenomenon. Beacon. Hero. Star. That’s Kate Ceberano to her peers. Soulful. Enthralling. Crackling. Boundless. Luminous. Original. Formidable. That’s the press talking. For Kate, 40 years and 30 albums into one of the most enduring and inspirational careers in Australian music, four words matter above all. Singer. Songwriter. Performer. Artist. In 2023, the universally revered, lavishly decorated Melbourne artist’s ruby anniversary finds her at the dawn of a new era. Her 30th album, My Life Is A Symphony, is a breathtaking celebration of her songwriting, featuring her most iconic songs, Brave and Pash, and personal favorites from across her four-decade recording career, reimagined with Kate at a new peak of command amid the grandeur of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Unfolding on orchestral stages nationally, the epic musical setting is an apt reflection of an assured rise to the pinnacles of rock, pop, soul and jazz. Kate’s 11 platinum albums, 10 Top 10 singles and countless awards speak for themselves. But it’s over 8000 performances on every concert, theatre and festival stage in the country and beyond that her unassailable distinction was forged. For those who came in late — with her record-breaking run with John Farnham in Jesus Christ Superstar circa ’92, perhaps; or her hit TV show of the mid ‘90s; her 2014 induction into the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame; or her Top 5 album of 2021, Sweet Inspiration — Kate was a force of nature from day one.

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