Haiku Hands


Haiku Hands are the Australian collective of Claire and Mie Nakazawa, and Beatrice Lewis—and their new album Pleasure Beast is the electro-pop-rap manifesto this side of Gorillaz, Dr. Dre, and The Presets that the world needs. Following the breakout success with “Not About You” and the NME-approved and AIR Award-nominated self-titled debut (British Vogue praised their sound and chaotic live show as part Scissor Sisters, Azealia Banks, Björk, and Warhol),Pleasure Beast is a more dynamic and assertive artistic statement that more embraces the sonic and visual edges of The Knife and the punk ethos of Le Tigre.

Pleasure Beast is a grab-bag of sonic textures and lyrical bite fighting against capitalist vampires and numbing algorithmic vibes, desiring a decent society and sexy bread, and dancing the night away under a glowstick sun. It’s the call for the simple creatures with simple desires inside us all to rally against a world that wants to separate and divide us all. It’s the sweaty and harmonious festival dance floor as a public service and political act. Listen to Haiku Hands, and dare to be human.

Listen to Haiku Hands