Great Gable


It’s been a steady and relentless rise for Great Gable  – Alex Whiteman (vocals), Matt Preen (guitar), Madi Hanley (drums) and Christopher Bye (bass) – who began jamming together after meeting at uni in Perth. They quickly started making waves with their dynamic sound and energetic live show, honed by consistent touring across Australia and New Zealand.

With a blend of early 2000s NYC rock and UK-influenced indie, Great Gable have crafted a sound that is uniquely their own. Their music is characterised by catchy hooks, heartfelt lyrics, and an overall sense of warmth and positivity. The band’s ability to create anthemic, feel-good tunes has earned them a loyal and rapidly growing fan base.

Great Gable’s latest release, ‘Read The Room’ has not only solidified their position as one of Australia’s most exciting emerging bands but has also garnered attention on an international scale. Their breakout single ‘So Cool’ is a vibrant and catchy song that perfectly encapsulates the band’s signature sound. With its irresistible hooks, energetic instrumentation, and infectious chorus, the track immediately draws listeners in and leaves them craving more.

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