Everybody NOW!

The Outback Trail 2023


Everybody NOW! creates participatory performances that generate joy.

Led by Co-Artistic Directors Ian Pidd, Kate (McDonald) Baggerson and Bec Reid, Everybody NOW! is dedicated to the creation of high-quality, community-engaged arts projects that are made with and for community, alongside outstanding professional artists.

Since formation in 2015, the company has established a dynamic national reputation for their inclusive, large-scale social dance works featuring hundreds of community dancers and stories of place told through the lens of dance. The company’s body of work also extends across art-forms, from slam poetry exclusively for seniors, radio stations for Grandkids and Grandparents and roller derby musicals in the making.

Performances have been held in small towns and on big festival stages, from basketball courts to town halls, in schools, aged care facilities, in people’s homes around the kitchen table and with thousands of people dancing in the streets.

They have reached over 46,000 people as audiences and participants, in 200 communities across five states of Australia, between the ages of 3 – 99 years young.

Everybody NOW! works with real stories and real people. Everybody. NOW!