C.W. Stoneking & His Primitive Horn Orchestra

The Outback Trail 2023


C.W. Stoneking is an artist for whom ‘unexpected’ is probably the default setting. How else to describe such a fine purveyor of American roots music who also happens to be a towering, youthful-faced white Australian man? He surprises first-time listeners, throws curveballs at long-time fans, and everything he does contains at least some background level of bafflement for all involved. 

His Primitive Horn Orchestra, who have been his long time collaborators, Stephen Grant, James Clark, Grant Arthur, will again join C.W. on the road, playing songs we know and love from his back catalogue.

Stoneking’s most recent release, Gon Boogaloo, came out in 2014 and has since collected a slew of awards (ARIA Award, AIR Award and Music Vic Award) and was praised by many including The Saturday Paper, who called it ‘a masterpiece’. He spent years touring Australia and overseas, both solo and with a band, but had not been reunited with his Primitive Horn Orchestra since 2012.

The Primitive Horn Orchestra and C.W. Stoneking are thrilled to take their show on the road to play a set of much loved tunes, visiting Charleville in regional Queensland for the first time as part of the Qld Music Trails.

Listen to C.W. Stoneking & His Primitive Horn Orchestra