Cut Copy

Sweet ~Relief! 2023~


Cut Copy DJs are Dan Whitford and Tim Hoey of the band Cut Copy.

DJing and mixes have been an essential part of Cut Copy’s identity. For Dan, DJing predated Cut Copy’s inception and served as a gateway for music production. Within late-night, euphoric DJ sets, fans can delight in hearing hints of the Cut Copy sound. For music heads, the duo are known to introduce an unlikely song or recall a much-loved track that was mistakenly forgotten. DJing is a source of inspiration to Dan and Tim; The act of DJing generates both song and remix ideas for the band. Moreover, it’s an opportunity to connect to fans; A way to have and share fun. 

Tying it back to the band at their nucleus, Cut Copy DJs have created eagerly-awaited mixes which provide an immersive supplement to the band’s releases. From their legendary Fabric mix, Fabriclive.29, to Oceans Apart, a non-stop DJ-mixed compilation of cutting edge dance artists from their hometown of Melbourne, Cut Copy mixes are highly anticipated, often duplicated, yet profoundly inimitable.

This is in addition to recording remixes for artists such as Death Cab For Cutie, Juan MacClean, Maroon 5, Jagwar Ma, The Rapture, and others. Cut Copy also runs the well-respected dance label Cutters Records, releasing globally acclaimed records from Midnight Juggernauts, Knightlife, Nile Delta and more.

Dan and Tim embarked on their first DJ tour in the summer of 2015, but together they have also DJed globally as a main stage attraction on genre-spanning festivals, as well as superclubs, underground dance parties, and fashion events. Cut Copy DJ sets are a mix of cutting-edge dance music and classic rock, pop and disco — expertly mixed together. Anything goes.

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